Building project finance

PEEB mobilises innovative financing solutions for large building projects.

Building project finance

PEEB provides innovative solutions for financing large-scale building constructions as well as renovation projects. They provide significant potentials for reducing GHG emissions and transforming the building and construction sector. Such projects might be identified through PEEB Building project support.

These financing solutions will be designed to channel international and local financial resources. They will minimize the additional costs and risks related to projects for energy efficiency in buildings.

Role of donors

The financing of energy efficiency in buildings-projects will be provided directly by the partner financial institutions of PEEB. It will be structured in the form of intermediated or direct loans, equity and/or guarantees, and innovative proposals for public-private partnerships (ESCOs, third-party financing or others).


Finance preparation

Finance opportunities are determined on a project by project basis. Preconditions for benefiting from project finance as well as the financing conditions vary depending on the results of the due diligences performed by the PEEB’s financial institutions for each financing opportunity.

The PEEB helps facilitating the finance identification and appraisal process for both the finance beneficiary and the PEEB’s financial institutions.

PEEB can support the identification of investment grant schemes. Through these schemes the additional costs of innovative energy efficient solutions can partially or totally be subsidised. This makes financing for energy efficient buildings more attractive and encourages the use of innovative technical solutions.