PEEB is currently working with its five first partner countries Mexico, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia and Vietnam.

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Vietnam is experiencing rapid growth in the building sector. One million new apartments will be needed by 2020. Yet, there is also a strong growth projection for the non-residential sector, especially for new shopping malls, super markets and modern retail spaces. The real estate business is ranked second in size with total registered capital of US $6.5 billion for 2019.

Vietnam has committed to reducing GHG emissions by 25 per cent compared to current trends by 2030 with international support. In its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) for the Paris Agreement, the government focuses on the improvement of energy efficiency and the introduction of renewable energies in the housing sector and in commercial and service buildings. National strategies for green construction and sustainable urbanization exist, as well as various mitigation actions for the construction sector.


Opportunities for Action
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• Encourage strong sector coordination in the NDC implementation.
• Support basic energy efficiency measures which reduce the electricity demand for air cooling, ventilation and lighting and promote high performance electric appliances.
• Strengthen the application of the Vietnam Energy Efficiency Building Code (VEEBC) and extend the building coverage of the Law on Economical and Efficient Use of Energy   and ensure its compliance.
• Make new social and affordable low and mid-income housing projects energy efficient.
• Leverage private capital through incentives and technical support for construction and project developers.
• Invest in energy efficiency in public sector buildings.


PEEB Activities

PEEB supports the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to set up a NDC Coordination platform for the building sector, and to develop a NDC Roadmap that outlines the strategy to reach the targets. PEEB provides advice on how to extend the scope and ambition for the building sector in the context of the legal framework on energy efficiency.

To meet the urgent housing demand and contribute to the mitigation goals, the Ministry of Construction (MOC), with support by PEEB, is setting up a large-scale national low and mid-income Green Housing Programme.

During a study trip to Germany in October 2018, a Vietnamese government delegation studied options for funding mechanisms to promote energy-efficient buildings. PEEB is developing recommendations on incentives for mobilizing private investments. Trainings for policy-makers and project developers and professionals on climate finance for buildings are planned for August and September 2019. A guide for energy-efficient housing is under preparation.

PEEB currently supports the Global ABC on the preparation and joint implementation of the GlobalABC Regional Roundtable for Asia Pacific in Bangkok in September 2019.