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Senegal has a large programme for renovating and building new health centres. Air conditiong, medical equipment and hot water use consume a lot of electricity in these facilities. Health centres, which do not include bioclimatic design principles, can lead to feelings of discomfort due to high indoor temperatures. Power cuts in rural areas can also lead to increased use of environmentally harmful diesel generators. 

PEEB supports the integration of energy efficiency in three rural health centres in Senegal. Experts provide trainings for ministry staff on energy efficiency at the planning stage and suggest improvements to standard plans and planning documents. Low and medium cost measures such as roof insulation, shading, photovoltaic systems, solar water heaters and using local materials can save a lot of energy. 

Passive building design combined with ceiling fans can reduce the hours of discomfort during the day from 85% to 5% of total hours of occupancy. They can save each health centre up to EUR 20,000 annually and improve work and health conditions for staff and patients. 

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