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Green buildings are a global trend – and developers around the world are implementing profitable business models that bring green buildings to the market.

PEEB's new report Business models for green buildings aims to inspire actors along the green building value chain to adapt and expand their activities. From pre-fabrication of energy efficient buildings to net zero social housing using governmental support programs, and from energy performance contracting to cooperative housing, real estate actors have shown the way ahead.

Developers of green buildings share a strong strategic commitment to sustainability, combined with a drive towards innovation that anticipates the demands of future customers and gives their business a competitive edge. They take a collaborative approach and work in partnership with companies from other fields such as energy efficient technologies, landscaping, or mobility.

'New construction needs to address the needs of future generations', says Michael Bauer, Partner at Drees & Sommer, one of Europe's leading real estate consulting companies and contributor to the publication. 'In buildings with lifetimes of 40+ years, future customers place increasing value on environmental performance, health and well-being. To achieve high quality buildings, energy efficient building design and technologies are essential.'

'Build to rent' is one of five business models identified in the publication. It is also known as 'design, build, operate'. The video describes this business model and how it allows developers to integrate energy efficiency in their activities.

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